Incorporating Pets in Newborn Photography: Ensuring Safety and Comfort

For many families, pets are cherished members of the household. Including them in newborn photography sessions can create heartwarming and memorable images. However, safety and the comfort of both the baby and the pet are paramount. Here’s a guide to incorporating pets in newborn photography sessions responsibly:

Preparation is Key:

  • Pre-Session Meet and Greet: If possible, schedule a pre-session meeting for the photographer to meet the pet and assess their temperament around babies.
  • Pet Training and Behavior: Ensure your pet is well-trained and comfortable with basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it.” If there are any behavioral concerns, consider professional training beforehand.
  • Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are current to minimize any health risks for the newborn.
  • Pet Bath and Grooming: Give your pet a bath and thorough grooming before the session to minimize shedding and allergens.

Safety During the Session:

  • Adult Supervision: Never leave a newborn unattended with a pet, no matter how gentle or well-behaved they seem. Always have a responsible adult supervising the interaction.
  • Gradual Introductions: Introduce the pet to the baby slowly and calmly. Allow the pet to sniff the baby’s hand or foot at a safe distance before any close contact.
  • Focus on Comfort: Prioritize the comfort of both the baby and the pet. If either seems stressed or uncomfortable, discontinue the interaction immediately.
  • Short and Sweet Sessions: Keep pet interactions short and positive. Avoid overwhelming the baby or the pet.
  • Location and Environment: Choose a safe and familiar environment for the photoshoot. If outdoors, ensure the pet is leashed and under control.

Creative Posing Ideas (Always with Supervision):

  • Snuggles with Caution: Capture a heartwarming photo of the pet (dog) lying beside the baby on a blanket, but ensure an adult is holding the pet’s leash or keeping a close eye for any sudden movements.
  • Paw Prints: Create a unique keepsake by having the pet leave a paw print (using non-toxic ink) on a piece of paper placed near the baby (with adult supervision).
  • Sibling Love: Capture a photo of the pet gazing or sniffing the baby with curiosity. Ensure the pet is on a leash or securely held by an adult.
  • Pet’s Perspective: Capture a photo from the pet’s perspective, showcasing the baby from below.

Alternatives to Direct Interaction:

  • Separate Portraits: Capture individual portraits of the baby and the pet, then combine them during editing for a cohesive look.
  • Props with Personality: Use pet toys or a pet bed as props in the baby’s photos, adding a subtle nod to the furry family member.
  • Family Portrait: Capture a family portrait with the pet and the newborn, ensuring the pet is safely positioned away from the baby.


  • The Baby’s Well-Being Comes First: Never compromise the safety and comfort of the newborn for the sake of a photo.
  • Respect the Pet’s Limits: Be mindful of the pet’s temperament and avoid situations that might cause them stress or anxiety.
  • Capture Candid Moments: Sometimes the most heartwarming interactions happen organically. Be prepared to capture candid moments between the baby and the pet.
  • Communication is Key: Maintain open communication with the photographer and discuss your expectations and concerns regarding incorporating your pet into the session.

By prioritizing safety, comfort, and careful planning, you can capture beautiful and heartwarming photographs that celebrate the bond between your newborn, your pet, and your entire family.

Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown

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